Why many Christian’s actually don’t celebrate Christmas

Why many Christian’s actually don’t celebrate Christmas

Most Christians say they celebrate Christmas but actually don’t and here’s why:

Think about it, how many Christians actually have service on Christmas day?  Most churches will have Christmas Eve service but will close on Christmas Day in order to spend time with “family”. But didn’t Christ say in Mark 3:33-35 that “Who are my mother and my brothers?” Looking at those seated in a circle around him, he said, “See! Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does what God wants is my brother, sister and mother!” This doesn’t mean that his birth mother and family were unimportant but that that those obedient to God are family.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend time with those who actually believe in the Messiah than those who only use the day for gifts and Santa.  Speaking of Santa, so many Christians spend more time telling their children there is a Santa bringing their gifts and an elf on the shelf doing naughty things, that the birth of Christ gets moved further and further down the list of importance.  It would be as if your birthday was approaching and for weeks prior everyone talked about your play “cousin” Nick and how great he is and building up excitement for his visit.  They’d even leave out some snacks for him the night of his arrival.  At the same time for your actual birthday they’ll plan on getting together with people who say you are important to them and that they love you but they are gonna have a party for you the day before because on your day they’d rather spend it with people who care more about your play cousin Nick than you and he’s not even family.  It’s also inconvenient to have a party on your birthday just because they don’t feel like it even though most of them have off work and are in town.  Family will come from out of town not to celebrate your birthday but to spend time away from you and not even acknowledge you except at the tail end of a prayer before they eat their meal. They would be stressed for weeks prior to your birthday buying gifts and thinking of everything and everyone but you on your birthday.  If they couldn’t even give you the gift of their time, it really wouldn’t feel like the day is about you would it? So when people ask why you don’t have service on Christmas Day? Stop and think. When they ask how the way you celebrate is any different than those that haven’t accepted Him? Are the traditions you have, rooted in scripture? Are they Biblically accurate and if not why do you do them? If you or your children did not receive any gifts would you, or they, be devastated? Stop, pause and think. Is “it’s just innocent fun” a valid reason to keep doing something? Isn’t that how the world justifies many of their actions? No other major religious group has allowed their festivals and holidays to be commercialized to such an extent that the supposed reason for the season has been completely lost and perverted so those that don’t believe can partake in it.

After hearing this do you think most people who say they are Christian are actually celebrating Christ? Are you?

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